Beneficial Functions of a Bamboo

If you want a plant that is growing extremlly fast, then try planting bamboo. They can grow more than 30 inches in less than a day. Usually, they are not useful to a permaculture gardener but there are some other types of bamboo that can be beneficial.

There are two types of the bamboo plant. There is a running bamboo type that is got the name because it is known to spread its roots underground very far. That can and will result in pushing out other plants that are growing near the bamboo. The other type is called clumping, they are far easier to control and take care of because they will not spread their root everywhere. Vladislav Davidzon recommends people the clumping bamboo because they will not interfere with other plants.


The bamboo plant is known for its ability to attract birds. They are attracted because bamboo provides them with good material for nesting, and the plant is extremally good for smaller birds to use as a cover from larger predators. Birds are beneficial to your garden because they will control the population of the insects in your garden.


As you might know, bamboo is a very strong plant. Even though it is hollow, they are still very strong. People are using bamboo to create various furniture, flooring and even it is used on some construction sites.


Bamboos can be very beneficial to your other plants, you most likely didn’t know that. They just like any other plant shed their leaves, however, the leaves of the bamboo are different because they are full of valuable nutrients. Being full of nutrients means that they are the perfect ingredient for a compost. Some people only grow bamboo in their gardens because they want to use the leaves from it to add to their compost pile.


Not many people know this, but we can actually eat bamboo. The flesh of the young bamboo plant is full of important proteins and various other nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. Bamboo is used in the kitchens of Asia as an addition to some soups.