Benefits of having Trees in Urban Areas

Nowadays, big cities are built on locations where at some point a forest was thriving. People have been destructing the ecoculture for a long period of time and nobody did anything about it. we needed space to live and expand our cities, so we started bringing down trees that were in our way. A lot of time have passed since we have first started cutting down large parts of the forest, but people have just now started realizing the problem that we have created. Now it is too late and we cannot undo the things that we have to some locations. Even in already built cities, trees are becoming a rare sight because every little free space is used up to build new buildings.

If we want to save our planet and do for once something good for it, then we need to stop destroying trees and other plants that are in our way. We have to find a solution to this problem because trees are very important to us. Vladislav Davidzon who is a certified permaculture designer has put together a list of benefits that we have from trees.

Preventing Climate Change

Believe it or not, but trees are actually capable of preventing climate changes from happening. We, humans, are putting out a large amount of CO2 that is responsible for climate changes, high concentrations of CO2 can prevent sunlight from radiating out which can and will eventually build up the heat. Trees are one of the things that are taking that harmful CO2 and storing it to use it for energy, that is the part of their photosynthesis. Therefore, trees can affect or rather prevent climate changes. (Read more)

Improving the Air

One of the first thing that you usually learn in school about trees is that they provide oxygen into the atmosphere. That oxygen that the trees are generating and releasing into the air is very good for people and other living things because it is very clean. The more trees we have living and growing on our planet, the better the oxygen will be because there will be more trees which equal more oxygen.

Trees also other than just releasing the clean oxygen, they are responsible for filtering the air too. They can filter the air from different kind of things such as pollen, smoke, or dust. That is possible because they other than just absorbing CO2 they also absorb some other gasses that are harmful to people and other living things. That’s why it is very important to have more trees in big cities that have a problem with large amounts of smog. They will serve as a natural air filter for the city.

Reducing Floods

Trees are something special, they really are, they provide us with oxygen, they filter our air and they even reduce floods. They are able to reduce floods because they can absorb a huge amount of water with their root system. The roots of the tree will absorb the water and store it in the tree. Read more here.