Edible Flowers That Fit Permaculture Plot

You won’t see a lot of flower plants in a garden that is created by a permaculture designer, that is because flowers usually are a luxury plant that doesn’t have any good purpose other than just looking nice. However, if you love flowers and you want to have them in your permaculture garden, they there are some special types of flowers that have more than just one function. Usually, these flowers are adding to the looks of your garden and they are also edible. There are even some vegetable types that have very beautiful flowers which can be consumed. This is not a common thing, but if you really want, you can add flowers to your dish.

In the Chinese culture, flowers were a big part of their diet. Permaculture designer Vladislav Davidzon pointed out that a lot of people are actually eating flowers without even realizing it. However, you must not forget that not all the flowers are edible, you have to know what exactly you are eating. Here are some of the most commonly used flowers in permaculture gardens.


The flower of the zucchini is becoming a very common thing in a lot of fancy restaurants in the past couple of years. They are usually prepared with cheese stuffed inside of them. There is nothing complicated about preparing that dish. Zucchini is very common plants that can produce a large number of flowers.  That is good because that will give you the opportunity to harvest some flowers and you will still have enough flowers left that will turn into a delicious vegetable.


This is probably the most commonly used flower in the kitchen. The colors of this flower are gorgeous and strong. They have a very special taste, that is a little bit spicy. People that use this flower in the kitchen usually put them in some salads. However, you can mix these flowers with lemon butter or add to spice up the soup. Before eating one of these flowers, make sure that you wash them properly before because they are known to attract aphids. If you want to avoid aphids, then plant these flowers near plants that attract ladybugs because they are eating aphids. However, they are perfect choice for a garden.