Harvesting Guide for the Most Common Vegetables

The goal of permaculture is to create natural conditions for plants in order to improve their growth. However, growing vegetables is easy, but you need to know exactly when is the right time to harvest them in order to get the highest quality vegetables. If you harvest them too soon, they will not taste well and you will have to throw them away or make a compost out of them because you will have no use of them. On the other hand, if you harvest them too late, most of them will again nob be edible because they will be spoiled.

Therefore, knowing the right time for the harvest is very important if you don’t want to waste your vegetables. The permaculture designer Vladislav Davidzon shared some information about common vegetables and explained when to harvest them. Follow these tips bellow if you want to have a good harvest.


Carrots are a vegetable that is very easily adaptable for harvesting. That means that you can harvest them when they are still small and not fully grown and they will still have a good taste. However, it is better to let the mature completely if you want the highest quality and good tasting carrots. The first sign that is indicating that the carrot is ready for the harvest can be found at the top of the carrot. If the carrot is somewhere around 1 inch in diameter at the top, that means it is ready.

You can plant them in the spring, then you should expect them to be ready for harvest before the hot summer days. But if you plant them in the fall, you need to get them out of the ground before it freezes or before snow falls. That is because if they are exposed to frost for a long period of time, they will not be good.


Onions can be harvested in two different stages, early on while they are still green or when they completely mature. If you want to harvest them while they are still young and green, you need to wait until the leaves on the top are at least 7 inches tall. If you want to harvest the mature onions, then you need to wait for some signs. For example, the leaves need to start falling over by themselves. If you see that, then you need to bend over the rest of the leaves that are still up and wait for a week to pass by, then you can harvest them.


Potatoes can be also harvested in two stages, early on and later when they are fully grown. If you want to harvest the baby potatoes, then you need to wait around two weeks after you see the first blooms of the plant. Harvesting them when they are fully grown is easy to do. You only need to wait two weeks when the top leaves start to die. Those two weeks will allow the potatoes to develop a much thicker skin that will protect them when they are harvested.