Importance of Ventilation in Greenhouses

Greenhouses are a common thing in most of the permaculture gardens because they provide a perfect growing condition for plants. Some types of plants have difficulties to grow in regular gardens because they are easily affected by the environment.  Therefore, greenhouses are the perfect option for those plants because it provides them with cover from various elements.

However, people usually use greenhouses to extend the growing season of some plants. Vladislav Davidzon said that greenhouses are the perfect options for plants that need warmer living condition. Those plants are usually the tropical ones and they tend to grow very good in greenhouses because the temperature in them is much higher. If you want to have a good greenhouse that will serve you well, you have to make sure there is a good ventilation. Here are some of the things that are depending on the ventilation of the greenhouse.


This is the obvious reason why you need to have a good ventilation in your greenhouses. As you probably know, greenhouses have a much higher temperature that the outside and that is the reason why they are so good. However, you need to be careful with the temperature to not get too high because plants are very sensitive to temperatures and if the temperature inside the greenhouse is too high they can wilt or cause them to die. That’s why it is very important to have a constantly good ventilation that will allow the very hot air to go out and let the colder air in.


Plants are producing moisture and that moisture can be collected in the greenhouse if there is no good ventilation. If there is high moisture in the greenhouse, the plants will have difficulties to grow properly. Humidity can cause the temperature in the greenhouse to rise above normal because the moist will absorb the heat radiation from the sun much easier. In humid conditions, it is more likely to have mold and fungi problems and you don’t want to have that in a greenhouse. Therefore, make sure that you have a proper ventilation system that will constantly maintain the humidity and temperature.

Fresh Air

If you don’t have a proper ventilation in your greenhouse, the plants will use up all the carbon dioxide from the air and it will get filled with oxygen that is useless to plants. The lack of carbon dioxide in the air will cause the plants to stop their photosynthesis and they will not be able to grow.