Vegetables That Can be Harvested in Winter

People usually think that the gardening season is over after the summer is over. In one hand that is true for most of the vegetables and fruits, but there are a lot of different vegetables that are capable of growing during fall and winter. Not many people actually grow their vegetables during the winter season, and the reason behind is because they simply don’t know that there are certain vegetables that can, in fact, grow during the winter season.

Having access to fresh vegetables during the entire year is important. Therefore, you should read this list of vegetables that can grow during the winter season. Vladislav Davidzon has made this list and he also explained how to care for these types of vegetables during winter. (Source)

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are one of the toughest vegetables. They are belonging to the cabbage family. Some people even say that brussels sprouts taste much better when they are exposed to cold weather and frost. That is probably because frost can affect the sweetness of the plant. They can be harvested long before they reach maturity, they have even sweeter taste when they are small. Usually, the best time to harvest brussels sprouts is in early winter before the ground freezes completely. However, if you are living in a location where winters are not strong and you barely have snow, you can harvest them anytime during the winter season.


Kale is a plant that has green leaves, therefore, a lot of people think they should be growing only during spring and summer because they need the sunshine. However, the situation is quite the opposite, kale will grow even better in cold climate. Their taste can be better if they experience some frost during the winter. However, you need to be careful with them because they require a lot of watering. Watering plants during winter can be complicated especially if it is freezing because your pipes that are full of water will freeze. Kale will be ready for the harvest when you see that the leaves are longer than 8 inches. You don’t have to cut the whole kale, you can take one leaf at the time.


They usually take a long time to grow, therefore you should buy and plant the seeds during spring. If you plant them early in the spring, they will have enough time to grow and mature to the winter season. Unlike other plants, parsnips don’t require any manure in order to grow. They will be the best quality if they experience few weeks of cold temperature that are almost freezing. The cold weather will cause sugar to starch in the plant and it will result in having much sweeter and better-tasting parsnips. Some people even prefer leaving them in the ground during winter and harvesting them in the early spring in order to have an even better taste. The good thing about them is that they don’t require a lot of care, they will grow mature on their own without having to constantly water them like you need certain vegetables.