Harvesting Guide for Various Fruits

Harvesting is a very important process if you have a garden that you are taking care of. Some fruits and vegetables need to be harvested in order to produce again in the next season. It is a very exciting period that everyone loves at least the people that have their own gardens. The harvest is a time when all of your hard work, effort and time that you have put in the garden pays off.

Sometimes people make the mistake of not waiting long enough and they rush the harvest one or even two weeks earlier. That usually results in having fruits that don’t taste good because they are not fully developed and ready to be harvested. If you want to find out when is the right time to harvest some of the most commonly used fruits, then continue reading this article and you will find a list of fruits that was put together by Vladislav Davidzon.


If you are growing watermelons in your garden, and you want to know at what point are they ready to be harvested, then you are in the right place. With watermelons, you have to look at the curly vine that connects each watermelon. When that vine is starting to change its color to brown and dry up, you should know that they are ready for the harvest. Also, one more thing that can be a sign the watermelon is ready is if the underside of the watermelon that is in the contact with the soil is changing color to yellow and it will lose its shine. However, if you want to experience the best-tasting watermelons, you should let them sit in room temperature for few days right after you have harvested them.


Pears are one of the few fruit types that have a better taste if you harvest them a couple of days earlier. Of course, when you harvest them a few days earlier that you should, you need to take them indoors at room temperature for a couple of days before consuming them. This method of harvesting will give the pears better taste and they will be able to last for longer period of time. Usually, if you harvest them when they are ready, they should be consumed in one or two days because after that they will start spoiling.


Apples are a different story, they are very complicated to understand mainly because there are a lot of different types of apples and every one of those types have different signs of being ready for the harvest. If you are growing apples that should turn red when they mature, you will have much easier job determining the time of the harvest because the color will be your guide. However, if you have the type of apples that are staying green for the entire time, you will have a more complicated job. In that case, you need to check how easy they come off the tree, that will be the indicator of their maturity. More at vladislavdavidzon.pro.